How we help

We build on strengths and goals, using the skills and expertise of our charity partners

The programme will help people with complex or multiple challenges and be adapted to their individual needs

Support will be provided through activities such as one-to-one mentoring, job application advice, skills courses, help with budgeting, and health and wellbeing services.

Solid Foundations has been designed to meet each person’s specific needs and provide personal support. We also address deeper problems such as debt, mental health issues, physical health, disability, literacy, numeracy, addiction, past offending and self belief. This approach ensures that individuals have a better chance of succeeding with what they want to achieve.

We offer:

Northumberland has some fantastic voluntary and community organisations, but as a large rural county, projects such as Solid Foundations are essential to ensure these organisations effectively reach those who need support the most”.

Kay Harrington-Kemper, Project Manager for Thriving Together