Northern Learning Trust

The service

The key areas of learning we provide include:

  • English – Entry Level to GCSE
  • Maths – Entry Level to GCSE
  • ICT
  • Employability
  • Family Learning
  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring

Learning is provided on a one-to-one basis or through small groups. Qualified tutors develop and deliver accredited and non-accredited programmes that are bespoke to individual’s needs.

About Northern Learning Trust

Our core purpose is to help very disadvantaged people and communities with complex needs to improve their lives. We use informal learning and mentoring to build confidence and skills, and help people find solutions to their problems.

We are experts at helping our clients in the most challenging circumstances, progress to more mainstream learning provisions or other services.

Our services are carefully tailored to the circumstances of disadvantaged people and communities. They are usually community based and are often delivered ‘one to one’. We are expert at achieving sustained engagement with those traditionally considered hardest to reach, helping them to achieve accredited learning almost without realising it.
Each year, thousands of people within the North East face a critical situation preventing them from continuing their education. Regardless of their age, factors such as social deprivation, crime, abuse, bullying, and family disruption may cause these individuals to miss out on traditional education, which will impact their future tremendously.

Northern Learning Trust specialises in engaging communities through learning. In partnership with the people, neighbourhoods and organisations we work with, we consult, design and deliver the learning they identify is most important to them.

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